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Holiday Preschool Dates - Prairie Preschool will be closed from December 20 - January 4. Preschool will resume on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012.


Animal Investigators

Tuesday & Wednesday mornings 9 AM -- 10 AM
Drop in, no reservations required.

Programs are designed for ages 2 - 5.
Child must be accompanied by an adult.

Click here to see cost per session and available value packages

As snow blankets the prairie, there are signs of animals everywhere.  From their fresh tracks in the snow, to scat discovered near burrows, animals are constantly leaving signs for us to follow.  Join us this month as we learn how to read the signs animals leave us.  We will gain new skills throughout the month, and conclude with a chance to put our new skills to the test.  We will become animal investigators and search for the allusive coyote that calls the prairie home.

Join us on:

January 10 & 11: Animal Tracks
January 17 & 18: Animal Scat
January 24 & 25: Animal Sounds/Smells
January 31 & February 1: Tracking the coyote


Nature’s Classroom in your Neighborhood
Activities to Extend Learning

Environmental Education research has shown that an adult’s involvement and interest in nature goes a long way toward helping children develop their own environmental ethic and interest.    Help cultivate your child’s interest at home with these activities:


Looking for more ways to get outdoors with your preschooler?

Check out the National Wildlife Federation’s website, The Green Hour at  The website offers activities to do with children and plenty of opportunities to converse with other parents and educators about the importance of taking kids outdoors.

Comments and Feedback

What do you think about the Prairie Preschool Program?  Please email me with any comments you have.  I would love to hear about the things your child liked or disliked.  We are always looking for ways to make the program better, so any suggestions are welcome.  Email me at or call 303-693-3621.

Adrienne Sedlak
Interpreter/Early Childhood Specialist

Price per student per session

Cost: $5 per child for members and $6 per child for non-members per session

Value packages available

Non-member price:
$50 for 10 sessions
$25 for 5 sessions

Member price:
$40 for 10 sessions
$20 for 5 session

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Visitors Welcome

We welcome drop-in visitors Monday – Saturday year-round. Monday - Saturday hours are 8 am - 4 pm, no admission fee.  Reserved programs will be offered year-round, please see “Calendar of Events & Activities” for upcoming programs.   




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